Buy roses in Basel

Kindly welcome on „Rosekeenig“ at the market square in Basel

About Heinz Hovadik…

Heinz Hovadik is since 39 years your specialist for the most pretty and best roses and regional flowers.Since 15 years he is selling fair trade roses at the market square of Basel in front of the red city hall.His roses are coming from Max Havalaar certified productions and are strictly fair trade quality.And a great occasion to make you and your beloved friends and family happy.

…and the royal roses.
The flower stall on the Marktplatz

On the Marketplace in front of the city hall 

Only the best roses, from the king

The king of the roses („Rosekeenig“) sells since 35 years the most beautiful roses only for 4.80 CHF.His best quality roses are fair trade and his flowers are regional.Because of that just buy your roses from the king and visit the marketplace in Basel.He serves your flowerly needs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.And Heinz, the roses-king likes it, since he is a little boy to make peoples happy with beautiful roses.So go on and get roses, for you or your beloved family and make them happy too.

TeleBasel: regioTALK zum Valentinstag mit dem Rosekeenig von Basel – Heinz Hovadik

The most recent roses for you

The Special hints from the king

„Cut them right, so they will last even longer“
  • Cut your roses at home
  • Put them in a clean vase
  • Fill it up with 1/3 of fresh and cold water
  • Take out the leaves of it’s water
  • Don’t place the vase in the sun
  • Change the water regular
  • Enjoy your roses daily
  • That’s how you keep your roses beautiful

The perfect cut for your roses, with the roses-cutter from the king

But the king offers not only fresh roses, even more seasonal Flowers too

So, if you want some beautiful flowers – then you need the „Rosekeenig“.